100 Push Up Variations

Strength Stack 52 Strength Stack 52 Strength Stack 52 PushXpro Diamond Wide Arm Slow Negative Side to Side Staggered One Foot Hindu Feet Elevated on Bench Incline Bench w/Knee Rotation “target=”_blank” />

Beyond the Range” target=”_blank” />

T-Push Up Lateral Plank Walks ” target=”_blank” />

Band Resisted PushXpro Clapper Slow Motion Tricep Extension Beyond the Range w/ Feet Elevated Leaning Tower Incline Box Side Tap Hand Tap Shuffle Incline Depth Leg Kick Out Walking Jump One Foot Elevated on Other Isometric Alternating Knee Tap Shoulder Tap Spiderman w/ PushXpro Leg Twist w/ PushXpro Leg Tuck w/ T-Push Up Using PushXpro Spider Half Burpee Pylo Band Resisted w/ Feet Elevated Chain Sit Through Plate Loaded Ring Sliding Forward Decline Swiss Ball Grasshopper Position Circle Archer Crossed Forearm to Tricep Extension Thigh Slap Chest Tap Crucifix Finger Tip Medicine Bar 2 Arm Scorpion Pike Lateral Pylo on Plates Close Grip Pushup to Rollout Dumbbell Rotation Sliding Lateral Suspension Strap Walking Gecko Feet on Kettlebells Renegade Uchi Mata Jack Knife Dragon Walks On Hand on Medicine Ball w/ PushXpro One-Leg w/ PushXpro One Arm Side to Side Pylo on Med Ball Chain with Feet Elevated Chain w/ Feet Elevated on Bench & Hands on Kettlebells Single Inverted Kettlebell Double Inverted Kettlebell Modified Planche Handstand (Supported) Superman Diamond w/ Feet Elevated on Bench One Arm One Leg Suspension with a Stability Ball Falling and Exlosive Rebound Lalanne Fingrtip Falling and Flying Superman Rebound Superman X Jumps Flying Squirrel Aztec Flying Superman w/ Hands Behind Head Aztec Cross Touch Flying Cap Remover Polymetric Sets w/ Combinations One Hand Clap Muay Thai Triple Clap 360 Push Up Diamond Hand Stand w/ balance support Free Handstand Tiger Bend Wall Corkscrew Wall Braced One Arm 4 Medicine Ball Atomic Using PushXpro