7 Exercises to Tone Your Butt

7 exercises to tone your butt

If you’ve got a bad case of booty envy and have been wondering how you too can get a nice firm, round backside, then stay tuned because I have the answer for you. The following 7 exercises, when performed regularly, will help you build some serious muscle which will create that firm round butt you’ve […]

Body Image: 4 Ways to Gain Confidence

Body Image 4 Ways to Gain Confidence

Today’s post is a guest post from Ann-Sophie Reinhardt regarding body image and how to gain confidence. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is a body image writer, self-love coach, speaker and the author Belly killer. BodyAttack. Fitness Bootcamp. Track your calories. Count your points. Thicken your hair. Boost your eyelashes…. We are constantly bombarded with messages that tell […]