One Hour Roasted Chicken Recipe

roasted chicken

Recently I’ve been making a roasted chicken every week. And before you click away because you think this is going to be some complicated, time-consuming recipe that only professional chefs are capable of pulling off, let me assure you that this will be the easiest roast chicken recipe you’ve ever seen and it only takes […]

Body Image: 4 Ways to Gain Confidence

Body Image 4 Ways to Gain Confidence

Today’s post is a guest post from Ann-Sophie Reinhardt regarding body image and how to gain confidence. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt is a body image writer, self-love coach, speaker and the author Belly killer. BodyAttack. Fitness Bootcamp. Track your calories. Count your points. Thicken your hair. Boost your eyelashes…. We are constantly bombarded with messages that tell […]

Easy Beef Stew Recipe

beef stew recipe

Last week we finally finished our long distance move from one state to another. If you’ve ever made a long distance move, you know that the most problematic thing is food left in your refrigerator or freezer. You’ll spend weeks trying to use up everything you can just so none of it goes to waste, […]

Leg Exercises: Front Squat

Leg Exercises: Front Squat

One of the best butt and leg exercises is also the most widely known… the squat. The reason this version is called a front squat is because you will hold weights in front of your body as you do the move to provide extra challenge. (A back squat would be the same movement but with […]

How To Save Watery Homemade Mayonnaise

homemade mayonnaise

It’s about to get real folks…. Sometimes us bloggers can’t get our own recipes to work… it happens. Not often, but it does happen. Last night I asked my husband to use my homemade mayonnaise recipe and make a batch of mayo… I wanted to record him making a batch and post it on the […]