Just How Long Will it Take You to Burn Off That Treat?


There has been a lot of push lately for restaurants to include nutritional information, especially calories, on their menus. Some restaurants have been more willing than others to give this information out. And, while it’s great to have that information, most people still don’t really understand what that information is telling them. With the holidays […]

What is a Serving Size?


I received the following question today from one of my readers (who also happens to be a good friend)… “I don’t eat packaged foods, how can I figure my serving sizes [and] what are the measurements of each food group?” This is a great question, and also a complicated one. While packaged foods offer convenience, […]

So, I did a little math the other day…


The other day I was sitting and pondering. I usually skip buying pastured meats (unless they’re on sale) because of their price even though I know how good they are for me, and that got me to wondering… Exactly how much money AM I saving by buying conventional meats? Each pound of pastured ground beef […]

Tasty Cheats – Weighing Your Options

Health Goals

I’m right in the middle of reading The Paleo Coach by Jason Seib and really love the chapter where he talks about temptation (Chapter 3: Temptation’s Secret Plays). We all know what we should and should not be eating in order to be healthy, yet we always seem to give in to temptation and cheat way […]

Is Paleo bread really Paleo?

While researching a grain free alternative to traditional bread I found a lot of controversy surrounding Paleo bread. Some argue that the baking makes Paleo bread not really Paleo (the cooking method argument) while others say that the use of almond and coconut flour makes it not Paleo since almonds and coconuts don’t grow in […]