5 Ways to Get Over Your Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau

Well, I hit my plateau a few weeks back and I am still struggling to get past it. The plateau I am speaking of is the one where you can’t seem to lose another pound… a weight loss plateau. I started off strong, quickly lost 10lbs, and then NOTHING!!! The frustration is enough to drive you mad. I have […]

28 Days of Healthy Habits: Week 4

28 Days of Healthy Habits Week 4

Congratulations, you’ve made it to week 4! By now you should be feeling pretty good about all the new healthy habits you’ve incorporated into your daily life. You’re healthy habits for week 4 are below, but just because this is the last week doesn’t mean you should stop. Keep going and finding new ways to […]

28 Days of Healthy Habits: Week 3

28 Days of Healthy Habits Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the 28 Days of Healthy Habits series!! I hope everyone is doing great on this 28 day challenge. Here is our next 7 days….Enjoy! Healthy habits for the third week Day 15 – What is ONE thing you can change? Everyone has that one unhealthy thing we just love. Today I want […]

Candy Free Halloween

Candy Free Halloween

This year I’m skipping handing out candy to the kids that come to my door on Halloween. There will be plenty of other houses giving out candy, so the kids won’t be missing out on anything, and I’ll feel better knowing that I’m not contributing to a bunch of kids hyped up on sugar for […]