100 Push Up Variations

infographic-pushups - Edited

Did you know that there are over 100 push up variations? Me either… well, I knew there were a lot of different ways to do push ups, but I never really counted all of them. Check out this infographic from Stack52. Also, be sure to come back this Friday, June 20th for a giveaway from Stack52! […]

Leg Exercises: Front Squat

Leg Exercises: Front Squat

One of the best butt and leg exercises is also the most widely known… the squat. The reason this version is called a front squat is because you will hold weights in front of your body as you do the move to provide extra challenge. (A back squat would be the same movement but with […]

Full Body Exercises: Alternating Kettlebell Swing

full body exercises alternating kettlebell swing

Like the regular kettlebell swing, the alternating kettlebell swing is in the full body exercises category.  This is a powerhouse move that works a lot of muscles all at once while also challenging your hand eye coordination. Just be careful not to throw the kettlebell through a wall How to do the move Begin in […]