Hot Bikini Workout 3: Cardio Blast

Hot Bikini Workout 4

Hot Bikini Workout number 3 is here! Are you feeling the burn? Yesterday was less intense and should have given you a bit of a rest. But today we’re going to go all out and work up a sweat with all cardio! So, grab your Gymboss interval timer and set it to 8 rounds of 20 seconds work […]

Hot Bikini Workout 2: Plank Blast

hot bikini workout 2

How did yesterday go? Yesterday’s burpees should have gotten your heart rate up and made you sweat! For day 2 we’ll be focusing on our core because nothing is more important in a bikini than those abs! Ready to work on your core? Grab your Gymboss interval timer and set it to 8 rounds of […]

Hot Bikini Workout 1: Burpee Blast

Hot Bikini Workout 5

You might be thinking that the middle of February is the least likely time that people would be thinking about the upcoming bikini season (other than wishing it would hurry up and get here), but it’s actually the perfect time to start planning for it. February is the time to buckle down in your exercise […]

Free Workout Videos

Free Home Workout

What could be better than a free workout? How about five of them. If you’re looking for a week’s worth of free workouts, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five workouts for your Monday – Friday. Enjoy! The videos below are playlists. To see all the videos in the list click on the […]

Snowmageddon: Treadmill Free Cardio

Snow Photo by dickuhne

With Snowmageddon barreling down on most of North America in a Day After Tomorrow kind of way, it can be pretty hard to get your cardio in unless you have a treadmill at home. But don’t worry, I have you covered with this cardio blast that you can do at home with minimal equipment. The […]

3 Workouts to Strengthen Your Back and Core


Recently I saw a couple of comments on the Facebook page asking about modifications of certain exercises for those that suffer with low back pain. Let me tell you my story…. In 2008, I went to bed as I usually do on any other ordinary day and woke up with excruciating low back pain. My […]

Printable No Equipment Workouts for Vacation


If you’re looking for some workouts that you can take with you on your holiday travels without having to worry about also needing workout equipment, or even an internet connection, then look no further. There are two sets of workouts below. One set if you will be bringing your Gymboss interval timer with you on […]