Top 5 Full Body Exercises


Looking to get a full body workout in but don’t have much time? These 5 exercises are all powerhouse exercises because they work your entire body in the shortest amount of time. Try completing an entire workout of just these 5 exercises. Five sets of 10 reps each should be enough to get your heart […]

Tabata Burnout


I’ve been hitting the Crossfit Kool-Aid pretty hard lately. Check out my Crossfit inspired Tabata workout. You’re sure to make fat cry like it was just sucker punched with this one! I’ve been sipping on the CrossFit Kool-Aid for about a month and a half now, and I have to say… I love it! It’s […]

FLOTUS Arms in 3 Easy Steps

michelle obama

Let’s face it… the First Lady of The United States has some pretty rockin’ arms… guns in fact! You think she needs a permit for those? I’m thinking a permit for concealed sexiness is definitely required for those fabulous arms! Find out how you can get those arms and be able to bang out full […]

HIIT Your Run


You may already be aware of the benefits of HIIT when it comes to strength training. But did you know that your runs can also benefit from a HIIT makeover? A University of Buffalo study by Luc Gosselin found that alternating between 30-90 seconds of exercise at 90% of you maximum effort and 30-60 seconds rest […]

Mix It Up With 5x5s


Hit a plateau? Looking to gain more strength quickly? Why not take a page out of the powerlifting community and try some 5×5 workouts. What’s a 5×5 you ask? Well, it basically goes like this. Pick a couple of exercises, grab the heaviest weight you can manage for that exercise, and do 5 sets of […]

Go Ahead. Sneak Around…


Sneak around and exercise that is! Here are some simple ways to sneak some exercise into your day: When you leave your desk to go to the restroom, fill your water cup (both of which should be pretty often if you’re drinking enough) sneak into the stairwell and jog up a couple flights of stairs […]