About Gym Free Fitness

PamelaHi, my name is Pamela Bruesehoff, and Gym Free Fitness was born out of my own fitness journey. After wading through endless fad diets and bad information on the internet, I decided that there needed to be a site to help people find accurate information to help them on their health and fitness journey even if they can’t afford an expensive gym membership or personal trainer.

I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, or personal trainer but I do have a degree in critical thinking. Literally… my entire college career was spent reading and evaluating research studies and opinion papers. That’s 4 years of drilling down on the facts to separate BS from the truth. I guess you could call me a researcher and a consumer advocate.

On Gym Free Fitness you won’t find fad diets, cleanses, or detoxes. What you will find is useful information to help you attain your health and fitness goals including fitness and nutrition information, recipes, reviews, time saving tips, motivation, and workout routines.

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