About Pamela

My Journey:
It all started when I was at the doctor’s office for a checkup on my thyroid (I have Grave’s Disease). I stepped on the scale and saw 200. I thought to myself… oh no, there’s no way I’m 200. I most certainly am NOT 200! So began my fitness journey. That was in 2008. Between 2008 and 2010 I lost 30 pounds (losing weight is hard work!). I’ve been hovering around that 30 pound weight loss ever since. Mostly because there has been so much going on in my life that I have only been able to maintain my weight loss (2 major moves [including a move to Hawaii from Washington], 1 breakup, 1 new job, 1 layoff [and a couple years unemployment], and now an engagement). Things have not calmed down, but I’m ready to take the next step and lose that last 30 pounds! Here’s to 140 and a wedding dress!

My Philosophy:
I have never been a fan of gyms or group workouts. I’m the type of person who likes to workout on my own terms, and on my own time. This is why I concentrate on home workouts, from the very basic body weight workouts, to the more complex workouts that require some equipment.