How to Start an Exercise Routine in 10 easy steps

exercise routine

Now, that you have selected your weight-loss routine you’re ready to add in some exercise. The question is how to get started with an exercise routine. Well, below I have shared a few easy steps to get you started! First, let’s determine your fitness level. Like me I am sure it has been a while since […]

What Do Thunder Thighs and Washboard Abs Have In Common?

Object to objective Quinn Dombrowski

I was browsing Facebook this morning, as I do every morning, and came across the term “buffalo hump.” It’s a term I haven’t seen before and so I looked it up. I’ll leave it to you to look up the term, but apparently, it’s the latest focus of plastic surgeons’ scalpels. Then that got me […]

Facebook Finds Your Before and After Photos Offensive


When Marilyn McKenna changed her profile picture to a photo of herself standing in one leg of an old pair of pants, she never dreamed she would be the next body image controversy. Apparently, that photo violates Facebook’s terms. They sent her a message asking her to take the photo down apparently stating that “These types of […]