How to Start an Exercise Routine in 10 easy steps

exercise routine

Now, that you have selected your weight-loss routine you’re ready to add in some exercise. The question is how to get started with an exercise routine. Well, below I have shared a few easy steps to get you started! First, let’s determine your fitness level. Like me I am sure it has been a while since […]

Shirtless Summer Workout 5: All About Abs

shirtless summer by richard foster branded

Day 5 of the Shirtless Summer workout series is here! Today’s workout will help you get your abs in shape so you can take that shirt off this summer. Like last week’s workouts, these will be Tabata style so you can either add it on to your existing workout program, or use it to get […]

American Eagle and American Apparel Are Challenging The Feminine Ideal In Big Ways


American Eagle and American Apparel are taking big steps to challenge the feminine ideal entrenched in American society. It appears that they are shifting their marketing in a big way, from ditching Photoshop, to models and mannequins that are more anatomically correct à la The Joy of Sex first edition. First up, American Eagle is ditching Photoshop… […]

Top 5 Fitness Websites


Looking to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions? Or maybe you’re simply looking to up your fitness game. Here are my top 5 favorite fitness related websites and why I love them so much! Of course, the main reason why I love all of these sites….. they’re all absolutely FREE! The other […]