Homemade HIIT Equalizer For The Daily HIIT and BodyRock.tv

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HIIT equalizer

A lot of The Daily HIIT and BodyRock.tv workouts use a piece of equipment called the Lebert Equalizer. And while I would love to have one of my very own, I live in Hawaii and they don’t ship here (the downside of paradise!). So I decided to make my own homemade HIIT equalizer.

The equalizer is a great piece of equipment. It’s easy to store in a closet (I hang mine by their feet from the hanger rod), and because it is two separate pieces, you can customize where they are in relation to each other for pull ups, push ups, knee tucks, and many other different exercises. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing all the different exercises that can be done using this very simple piece of equipment.

So, now that you’re sold on the equalizer (but perhaps not the price), let’s get started making our very own homemade HIIT equalizer. Be sure to read through the instructions below first before heading off to the hardware store.

Homemade HIIT Equalizer Instructions

Here’s how you can make your own too. All you need is the following from you local hardware store:

    • Two 20” PVC pieces
    • Four 24” PVCpieces
    • Eight 7” PVC pieces
    • Four T PVC connectors
    • Four 90 degree PVC elbows
    • Eight PVC end caps
    • One can of PVC Pipe Cement (make sure it’s one that does not require primer)

I used 1.5” PVC, but you could also use 2” if you need. You could also adjust the height for your preference… customize any way you like! You can even paint it any color you wish.

One customization I’ll be making is to leave one of the end caps on each unglued so I can add weight with sand.

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It's only fair to share...
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Pamela Bruesehoff

Hi! I'm Pamela and I run Gym Free Fitness. Your one stop for real information. No bro science and no faux science. Just real healthy information.

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  1. Rene says

    I am wondering how strong/sturdy this is. While I am only 118 lbs, if my son or husband were to use it, it would need to hold much more weight. (son is 170 lbs, husband is 230 lbs).

    • Pamela Bruesehoff says

      Hi Rene! I’m not sure what the max weight limit is, but you can always use metal piping too, or thicker PVC. Mine has been tested up to 185 with no problems :)

  2. Charly says

    I love this and really want to do this! So thank you so much! I was just wondering how tall you are so i can know in relation to me as to weather i need to adjust height?

    Many Thanks :)

  3. Charly says

    I really want to do this but was wondering what you height was so i can compare in relation to me as to whether i need to change the height.

    Many Thanks.

  4. Sara says

    Hi Pam! I’ve researched/googled to find out if I need to make this shorter for me because I’m just under 5 ft. Curious if you happen to know if the standard height would work out ok or if I need to go shorter?

    • says

      Hi Sara,

      I’ve sometimes wished mine was a bit taller. I would suggest starting out at the standard height and not gluing it together. Use it for about a week and if you want it lower, take it apart, cut the pipes a bit shorter, and reassemble. That way you can get a completely customized piece of equipment pretty easily! Hope that helps!

  5. Catherine says

    Hi, I was just wondering if there were rubber caps you could put on instead of the PVC so it wouldn’t slide, and if you can get those grippers for the top middle of the unit like on the manufactured ones

    • says

      Hi Catherine, I’m not sure if they make rubber caps, you can always ask someone at your local hardware store. Another option would be to buy grippy tape (not sure what it’s called) and you could use that for both the end caps and the center of the handles. If you tell the person at your hardware store what you’re trying to do, they can help you come up with options :).

  6. Felix Santana says

    Hi Pamela,

    So if I was to get the metal pipes because I am concerned it might not hold my weight I am 230lbs. Would I get the same size pieces that you put on there?


  7. A. Rae says

    Hi there!! I showed this to my hubby for me to make it for myself and he commented that he thought it didn’t look stable enough for dips. Have you found that to be an issue at all or is it pretty stable?

  8. says

    New to this site. Gonna have back surgery soon….about 3 months….need to build my core up…doctor’s orders to help me get through my post surgery quicker…open to suggestions.

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