The Gelatin Secret and Gelatin Benefits

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The Gelatin Secret ebookIf you aren’t already familiar with the long list of gelatin benefits, then this post is for you. I received a free copy of The Gelatin Secret to review, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this book with you all. When I first saw an email regarding this book in my inbox, I was so excited to read it. You might remember that I recently wrote an article on making a protein shake with gelatin instead of protein powders, so I was excited to see a whole book on the benefits of gelatin (also known as collagen).

While the author, Sylvie from Hollywood Homestead, follows a Paleo diet, The Gelatin Secret doesn’t just rehash the same information found in most other paleo/primal inspired books. It provides new information from what must have been hours upon hours of research. This is definitely a must-have book for everyone. The single most important take-away from this book is the following:

Today, most people just consume the muscle meat of the animals they eat. While collagen makes up about 50% of the protein in animals, only about 6% of muscle tissue is collagen. Muscle meat also consists of different amino acid combinations that found in collagen. As Dr. Ray Peat explains, the switch towards a muscle-meat only diet has caused a change in the amino acid profiles of our diets. We get too much of the amino acids tryptophan or cysteine (found in muscle meat), which can result in metabolic problems.

If you’ve been feeling like there’s something missing from your diet and you just haven’t been able to figure out what it is, then this might be what you’ve been searching for. The Gelatin Secret explains in detail all the ways in which your body uses and needs gelatin. Everything from your hair and skin to your brain can benefit from gelatin.

You may be asking, just what is gelatin? Well, gelatin comes from collagen which is found mainly in the connective tissues of animals. Basically, gelatin is an animal protein and we all know that protein is not only good for us, but necessary. The Gelatin Secret goes over just how necessary it is by reviewing all the parts of your body that gelatin benefits.

Gelatin Secret Recipe CollageAfter reviewing all the different parts of the body that can benefit from adding gelatin to your diet, this book then provides more than 45 gelatin recipes. That’s almost half the book! That’s an insane number of recipes, and each one looks so delicious! To top it off, every recipe includes ingredients that are easy to find and the directions for making the recipes are incredibly easy to follow. The recipes make it so easy to add gelatin to your diet every day that you’ll wonder why you weren’t adding it before!

I tried the slow cooker bone broth recipe this past weekend and made a huge batch of my Southwest Chicken soup. I just love knowing that with each sip of that soup I’m nourishing my body in so many ways.

If you haven’t already ordered your copy, click here to get yours now.


It's only fair to share...
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    Now this is interesting! I’ve heard a ton about including protein in your diet, especially with smoothies, but nothing about gelatin. I’ve got to say, my curiosity is piqued. And those recipes look delicious! This is definitely something I’ll have to look into. Thank you for sharing!

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      Reading this book was a serious ah-ha moment for me. It makes so much sense on why we need to make sure we have enough gelatin in our diet. I’ve actually been adding gelatin into my tea and coffee for a while now and it has totally helped with my chronic back pain. I’m glad the book has a bunch of recipes so I can add more gelatin to my diet!

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