Top 5 Fitness Websites

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Top 5 Fitness WebsitesLooking to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolutions? Or maybe you’re simply looking to up your fitness game. Here are my top 5 favorite fitness related websites and why I love them so much! Of course, the main reason why I love all of these sites….. they’re all absolutely FREE! The other reason these are my top 5 is because they have all helped me in my fitness journey.


SparkPeople started out and remains a free site that teaches a multi-angle approach to getting and staying healthy and fit. By utilizing goal setting and accountability techniques, the site walks you through changing your habits one at a time, and building on prior successes.

There are three different areas of SparkPeople. The first is their trackers. The site has trackers for food, weight, fitness, and custom goals, so you can track your progress however you like. The second area is the sites extensive library of articles and videos. Here you can learn everything you need to know about getting healthy, or even read about the latest in health research. The third area of the site is their community resources. Here you can join a group of other people based on where you live, or similar interests. You can also make your own SparkPage and blog.

SparkPeople is my top choice because not only do they have a site that walks you step-by-step through your journey, but they also have an easy to use mobile app and their own activity tracker that you simply clip on to your shoe and go! SparkPeople combines the best of the best all in one place.


The BodyRock website provides free daily workouts. The workouts are all high intensity interval training style, otherwise known as HIIT workouts. The workouts range from body-weight only workouts, to workouts that use equipment you can purchase via links on the website. For workouts that use equipment, there is usually a modification provided if you don’t own that particular piece of equipment, and if there is no modification provided, then just get creative ;). The workouts are all challenging, no matter what your fitness level. Just be warned, that sometimes the photos they use can be very sexually suggestive and so you may not want to open this site while you’re at work.

BodyRock is my number two choice because their workouts are tough, they can all be done at home, and just about all of them are 12 minutes long. You don’t need to buy a gym membership or even a bunch of equipment if you don’t want to. Plus their followers are very supportive of each other.


Fitness Blender is a no-nonsense website offering full length workout videos for free. The workouts include cardio, strength, and yoga and range from a quick 4 minute workout to longer workouts up to 60 minutes. There is also a blog on the site with topical articles.

4. has a fantastically comprehensive database of exercises. It can be a bit tough to find, but I’ll be nice and you can click here to get to it :). The exercises in the database are geared more towards those with a gym membership, but with a little imagination, they can be altered for any workout environment. The main point is to give you ideas as well as to show proper form. is also great because they have full programs that you can follow created by fitness professionals in the industry. You simply pick the one that works best for you and follow along. They also have transformation contests where you can win money. Some of them even have a grand prize of $100,000! A lot of the programs recommend nutritional supplements which can be purchased through their online store.


Myfitnesspal is all about the tracking! While they do have a community and a personal blog area, their site’s strong suit is their food and exercise tracking. The trackers are easy to use, and there is even a mobile app that connects to their online site. Myfitnesspal is a no-nonsense kind of site for those that simply want to track calories in and calories out.

 What are your favorite fitness websites?

Photo By: Seth Werkheiser

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